Intratech Park is the brain child of Gabrielle & Calvin Hendryx-Parker.

Prior to buying the two buildings in Fortville, the couple worked and lived in San Francisco, California, where they fell in love with the exposed brick walls, hardwood floors and tall ceilings so prominent in SoMa.

Back in Indiana, they strived to turn the 19th century former bank building into the signature loft style offices of the Bay Area.

Intratech Park now leases unique office spaces that marry the old and the new and provide a distinctive creative feel for entrepreneurs or professionals looking to escape bland and sterile cubicles.

Small businesses are encouraged to share modern amenities and help each other grow.

Intratech Park is conveniently located across the street from the Post Office at 12 & 14 South Main Street in Fortville on the North-East side of Indianapolis, Indiana.